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Thursday, November 16, 2006



oh god - it's good that you are impervious to that face because I Am Not. holy cow.

and i love the thrums!!!


yeah same here. the little face makes me feel like goo inside.

by the way, what is it with dogs and poop?

rocky lived for getting at the cats' litter boxes in the basement. blech.

frecklegirl jess


Yeah, they save those cute faces for when they are really bad. ;)

Bob loves grabbing the loose yarn balls and running away with them- doesn't hurt them luckily.


Oh, George is tooooo cute! The mitten looks great - and cozy warm!

Beth S.

That's Lopi you're knitting with! Lite Lopi, I'm thinking. I'd know that label anywhere. :-)

I like the colors you put together. See, the dog has good taste. ;-)


That dog is the cutest damn thing in the world.

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