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Thursday, November 30, 2006



a couple of things. if he isn't neutered, he'll find a way to get out. trust me. think 16 year old boy. so you're protecting him from catching diseases and from that mangy old cat. and the chicken hawks.

you're also protecting him from any of a number of other disesase that unneutered pets are at risk for. unfortunately i'm not familiar with dog diseases but i do know that female cats who aren't fixed are more likely to get sick from auto-immune diseases and cancers.

the deed is done. and it will all be a distant memory for little georgie soon.


Neutering him is about a lot more than not making bastard puppies, it's so much better for his health and interpersonal relationships with other dogs, but you know all of that... good for you!

Is that video from the Arboretum? It looked like it. Naomi and I go over there all of the time, we should totally meet up for a walk some time after Tadpole comes, or before... it could still be a while!


I spayed my kitty Jupiter and it was such a traumatic experience for my little family that we made the decision NOT to spay the small cat when we got her.

What it meant (for us) was that she turned into a psycho cat around babies (we couldn't trust her around children At All) and that she was wildly unpredictable around anyone but me. It wasn't like she was going to get outside and get knocked up, but in retrospect, it wasn't the best decision not to spay her.

I know the deed is done, and I *totally* understand why you are sad - but George will get over LONG before you and Eric do. Trust me.



I'm a vet, and I think you made a great decision. Not only will life be better in terms of the mating instinct that will kick in, but there are definite health benefits. Like older men, intact male dogs can develop prostatic hyperplasia. Plus, you have now made his risk of testicular cancer (which they can get) 0%. Dogs that ar neutered tend to be less aggressive and initiate fights less.

George will never miss his "dumb brains", and you will gain more healthy years with your little guy.


It is the right decision. Non-neutered males are prone to many more cancers and diseases along with the behavioral issues that come along with all those hormones. It is the best thing for the dog. (and for you!)

Beth S.

Please don't worry or regret it for an instant. This was absolutely the right thing to do.

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