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Monday, October 16, 2006



We had a flat tire on our trailer in a similar setting in New York. It was summertime, though, and about 100 degrees. Poor Dale.


Oh, come on, it's perfectly okay to resent Pennsylvania. For anything.


i'm familiar with that part of the state as i went to college south of there ... probably not all that far from your client meeting.

i'm glad you found a good samaritan. see, it's not all bad in pennsylvania.


I'm just glad that you are safe and sound...even if you are in PA.

Which I think is total poop.

I'm sending "Get Jackie Home Soon" vibes your way.


Beth S.

Oh yikes. You were on 78, weren't you? Scary stuff!


Oh my. I'm glad you're safe, Jackie!


I'm impressed with your ability to not cry. I got a flat on 495 and burst into hysterics. Yeah I'm not so good with stressful situations. I now have AAA :-)

Glad you survived!


I *so* wish I could have seen you up there in your Ann Taylor and heels.

I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. I swear.

Kathode Ray Tube

This is an odd question, so please forgive me if I have you mixed up with someone else. I was in Starbuck's with my son this morning Friday, Oct. 27th (in West Roxbury MA) when a nice woman asked me if I had knit my sweater. I thought she looked kinda like the pictures I've seen on your blog but seeing it real life, I'm never sure. I said no, I hadn't made the sweater. Was that you? If so, how do you do? And I enjoy reading your blog. Hope to run into you again!

kathy in roslindale

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