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Friday, October 27, 2006



rhinebeck will be there next year.

you looked so pretty.

the eye is kind of cool too.


hope it feels better soon though.


Ouch! That looks sore! But the fingerless mitts are wonderful.


We missed you! I think you've set some kind of wedding record this year. I know what you mean about the black eye--I used to play in-line hockey and barely managed to convince my dr. I wasn't being beaten.


Hey, you're fingerless gloves would go great with my scarf...I think that's the same grafton batt....

frecklegirl jess

Love those wristwarmers! What an accomplishment to spin and knit a project...

Your poor little eye- worth it in the long run but tough short term, huh?


oh man, I liked that mole. little fucker.


Your hair looks great - very sophisticated. The handspun fingerless mitts are absolutely marvelous. The eye's kinda cool too.


The black eye is no good, although the pic is terrific blog feed.

However - you and the updo? Sexy, sexy, sexy lady!

Um, next year Rhinebeck? Hmm?

But maybe you should keep the first week of October 2007 free. Ask me why on Saturday.


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