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Wednesday, September 20, 2006



Jackie... thank you SO much for this post... I was beginning to feel like a knitting reject when I would look in my closet and see how many unfinished projects I have.

Was one of those socks one of the projects you were working on at Kate's this past summer?


man -- do you have any free needles left?


I love it when blogs cleanse or fess up to all the ufo's it makes me feel so much better! :-)


oh god - the fact that you spun your thrums is funnier than i can possibly explain.

i just know that in this post, mrs. jkp, you totally brought the funny.


Rip 'em all out, baby. You'll feel better.


Ha ha! I love your descriptions - and that you spun your thrums is too funny!

That last sweater really does look great - finish it up!


At one point in reading this I thought there couldn't possibly be more UFOs - and then there were! I'm especially amused that you have enough jaywalkers for a pair, yet they're not a pair. Awesome.


What is that thing on your leg? A sleeve? It can't be a sock, it just can't.

I still love that blue-green fishy scaled mitten. Make the second one!


Good times. At least we're all in this together.


It's a LEGWARMER! I love it!! LOL.. I had the most lucsious purple pair in high school... ahhh, the dreams!


hee hee hee hee hee hee -- you SPUN your thrums....hee hee hee. *cough* I mean, wow, that's so sad. What color were those thrums? It's possible that we could find you some more *snork* thrums, right? *snork*

OK, seriously. Finish the hourglass, bring the thrummed mittens to Rhinebeck, and rip the rest of this stuff back to string and start afresh. Except for the socks. Socks don't count, and one can have as many of those on the needles as one wishes. Everything else goes. It'll feel better, I promise. Just don't make me show you my WIP basket(s).


My favorite way of ignoring my WiPs? Leave them behind in Boston when I move for three months. Out of state, out of mind.

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