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Sunday, May 21, 2006



Ah, dude - sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. And it's certainly a well-deserved bit of relaxation.

Thank God Circles is open on Sundays, though. ;)


It's nice to have a weekend alone now and again. Hope you enjoyed yours.


Beautiful yarns!
I hope your stress level will stay minimal in the coming weeks. Have a great week!


i have to go to circles sometime. when i'm stressed, i eat (i get stressed a lot ;)) yarn buying sounds like a great substitute.

i hope you had a great weekend.


I guess it could be worse - the pile isn't too big! Dunkies is my big crutch....I try to limit my Dunkin runs, but sometimes, you just neeeed one!

Maybe after you knit the socks with the yarn you can knit away the stress from the occurance (hopefully every time you pull on the pair of socks it won't stress you out all over again!)


At least you pick up pretty sock yarn when you are stressed :-)

Hope the weekend alone went well and that Eric returned from Vegas safely.


Look at all that yummy yarn. I think sock yarn as a stress coping mechanism makes a lot of sense. It's just so happy and satisfying having the ability to make useful things. How's your Hourglass coming? I'm working on mine too and really loving the pattern.

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