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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Big Brother

Only a few days left until Dad has employed two of his four children into the "family" business. From now on you can call me Mike Corleone. I'm staying out of the family business, for now. But you know how the movie ends.


I think you have acomplished quite a bit on your vacation! I saw all of those boxes, that was a lot of work.

Enjoy your last few days of unemployment. Sushi and wine sound like a great way to ring in the new job!


Are those Iron Mountain boxes...ahh...moving memories...(I used to have tons of those I scored from work!) It's amazing how fast time goes - enjoy the last few days!


Sounds like you've had a fabulous week. Enjoy the rest of it and good luck on Monday!

Beth S.

A post about nothing? Nah, it's a post about life. :-)

That's Harry you're reading, isn't it? Good choice.


i can't wait to have a week off - clean my room, clean my apartment, maybe even paint ... only a few more weeks. and then, not only do i get time off, but i get to go back to wearing jeans and flip flops every day!!


I'm feelin' the need to take a week of vacation just to bum around my house and play in the yard. Maybe I'll wait until it's actually warm enough here to plant anythig. And shopping - I have a deep and abiding love for shopping. Although I don't get to actually get to stores that often, but I still enjoy internet shopping. It sounds to me like you've had a wonderful week off - just what you needed.


What a great week off! I don't feel at all guilty about asking you to visit now!


One look at the shoes you wore to Claudia's and I knew you were a shopper! There's nothing like great shoes. Too bad I don't have any...


your week off has been very productive. too bad it goes by so quickly. hey question about the compost. i've decided i want to do something with our heinous yard but i'm a child of the city and know nothing about the garden (even though i taught a botany lab in college -- go figure). compost pile in the garbage -- it's just coffee grounds? vegetable peels? old salsa? that kind of thing?


I was home sick yesterday (apparently, pudding DOES expire) and I managed to input all of our financial data dating from 11/05 into Quicken (which also meant reconciling all the credit card statements, bank statements, etc) and I had a *blast* doing it.

So, I completely understand your "I'm on vacation - look how much work I got done!" euphoria.



i just stumbled across your blog looking at how people were finding mine (one was through a blog search for "jackie"), and i already love you! i will now lurk and read through your archive while trying not to die of jealousy at the thought of a morning knitting and reading in bed followed by a day of shopping. whew!

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