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Wednesday, March 01, 2006



The birds are singing their spring songs and that's encouraging. But I hate March. It feels like it drags on forever and there's no holidays to lighten it up. At least in January we have Martin Luther King Day and in February we have President's Day and in April we have Patriot's Day. But March? We got nothing.


You can totally tell that Carole works in the school system :-)
Me being in stinkin' private school education (sounds so snobby but really isn't) we don't get all those little holidays so I truly look forward to March for two reasons. SPRING. BREAK. and it starts Friday, though my body thinks it started today.


Spring is soooo not around the corner. Talk to me in April and I may be somewhat positive. Typically, we get our worst snow storms in March, so I'm not optimistic. Although, it is one month closer to spring than February, so...

Beth S.

Yes, yes, yes, yes yes. Yes. Except the bit about sports, I don't care about sports. But the cold, oh yes! I tell myself this is peak knitting season, but it's not as comforting a thought as you might expect.


Oh my, I could have written all those complaints myself! I've lived in Massachusetts for my entire life and I hate the weather here! I have never been skiing, do not like the snow, hate the cold weather, and am generally very grumpy during the winter. I like March, it's the month I was born in, but I'd rather it be June.......nice and warm and sunny.

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