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Friday, March 03, 2006



That yarn is gorgeous. But I'm never going shopping with you. Happy Birthday to the MAN.


Wow - that yarn looks delicious! Between that pattern and that yarn you will probably fall in love with the finished sweater. I would -and now I'm having trouble talking myself out of that sweater. Keep us updated as you knit it!


heh heh suckah!


You see, I'm not at all shocked and think it's money well spent. Support. That's what that is. It's your first sweater for yourself - baby, you're worth every penny. Why knit something out of anything less than the very best you can afford? Hmmm? Isn't your time worth something? Yeah, that's what I thought. Feeling better?


You know, if I was feeling especially evil I could make you touch my royal cashmere roving.

Just sayin'.


Carrie K

Of course it's money well spent. You don't want hives, do you? You don't want to spend less money and have an inferior sweater. You will love and cherish it forever. It's only money. You're worth it. An occasional splurge is good for your soul. Now you have a reason to get up and go to work. (paycheck). ........I'm sure I've got many more rationalizations if you need some.


What Carrie K said!

And stay away from that Claudia, she's a trixie one, she is.

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