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Monday, February 20, 2006



I have to say, it sounds like there was way more inappropriate behavior at Spa than there was at my wedding. How sad is that? I knew I should have put a bottle of booze on every table!

(my friend Shan did that at her wedding, a bottle of cognac on every table. It rocked.)


Hello, maybe if I sat up straight I wouldn't look like a chub. My mom's face is priceless, like she just saw a naked man go by or something.

So apparently the "water after each drink rule" was not followed well? Miss your already :-) Jason already thinks you rock since crown and ginger is a favorite drink of yours.


It was a great time. I do look pretty happy, eh? And how on earth did I miss the waiter getting slapped on the butt?!?!?


Nah, girl, you can hold your liquor with the best of 'em.

Could Kate be any cuter with her mom? I have never felt older in my life. Note the evidence of debauchery scattered around the table in front of them.

Total awesome slumber party. Loved it. Again, next year!


OK, now I *need* to know. Who won that tiara???



Oh, that look of mortification on Kate's face = PRECIOUS!!!

And, um, yeah, Carole looks pretty happy, but then, she always does.


Sigh - can we go back next weekend? ;) Not that my wallet or my liver could really take it, but I can dream...


Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I'm so glad you had a blast and got a little drunk! :-)


were you a lush?


What a fun time that must have been!
With or without the alcohol!


I gotta echo Claudia, who won the tiara?? It was such a good time, and I like the no promises thought.

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