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Sunday, October 08, 2006



I can't wait to see your finished Hourglass - I am sure it'll be great. Did you encounter the same kind of wonkiness that others have experienced with Hourglass or was this a new wonkiness? I ask because I'm knitting Hourglass now (cough*rhinebeck*cough*insanegirl*cough).

And also...how many Bud Lights on draft at Rick's would it take to get you and Eric to do karaoke? I'm just curious... ;)


I just read your last post (don't know how I missed it before) and had two thoughts: 1) one of my college friends decided about 5 years after graduation that she wanted to be a doctor. She didn't have any of the pre-requisites, either, and took them all at Harvard Extension while working as an EMT. She went to med school at UMass in Worcester and has been practicing since. 2) if you decide not to do the whole med school thing (the most frustrating things for my friend were the rote memorization--there's a LOT--and the hours), nurses are in really, really high demand. Oh, and I just remembered, I know someone else who at around 27 or so went to school (Northeastern? can't remember) to become a physician's assistant. I guess what I'm trying to say are that there are a lot of options within the medical field, you know?


I love the hat - so cute. I made serious modifications to my Hourglass, especially the neck - so I hear what you're saying. I can't wait to see it though - such yummy yarn and such a great color.

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