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Saturday, August 05, 2006



So sweet! Looks like something Dale would do for me except it would take Dale a lot longer than just a day!


Aww, now see? You've done it. You've made my heart all warm and fuzzy feeling. But throw up? Mope. Not even a little!
Your spinning area is not only beautiful but heartwarming!
Enjoy this time!


you've only made me jealous ;) admitting it is half the battle.

i love the spinning area. think how wonderful it'll feel in the winter with the sun warming you while you spin.


what kind of wheel is that by the way


Wow, that is so awesome. My hubby would never think to do something like that.

Beth S.

Your own spinning area! Oh WOW! :-) And what great shelving--you're right, Kellee rocks! :-)

I think I need to check out the IKEA website too...


Can I borrow your husband for a while????? Man, I just need his artful eye! That is just fantastic. May the newly-wedded bliss remain forever.


Although I'm sure you'll have your "Days", I feel pretty confident that what you guys are experiencing right now will continue throughout your lives.

Love to you both...

p.s. the bit about kellee? giving you fiber, loaning you a wheel, pressing fiber on you, etc., and being generally incredibly generous? well, that had me snorting because it's just so freakin' true!


Makes me want to come over and spin with you!


Lucky girl!! What a fabulous space! Free shelves, great husband, new favorite spot in house. YAY!!!

That Kellee, she sure does rock, no? I think we need a day to honor her.


National Kellee Rocks Day.


What a great spinning space! Your hubby does rock!


Aww... Jackie, this was so cute! Your husband is awesome!


What a great hubby, and a great friend!



What?!?! They were SO TOTALLY in my way! The 'guest bathroom' is so much more spacious now.

I love, love, love the spinning area, that is so awesome. The bookshelves look fabulous in your sunroom and so much happier than they ever looked in our house. Also, we just found another set of the shelves for one of the bookcases you have last night....er....behind my bike. The bike to whom I have not spoken in over a year. But now we're friends again, and now you can have the rest of your shelves.

Hope you hadn't started thinking you were insane yet.


what a sweet, sweet husband!

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