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Monday, June 12, 2006



Dude - eat Mexican food. Lots and lots of it.

Also - if you are in need of a little morning pick me up, the bloody mary's at the restaurant at Neiman Marcus are pretty sweet.

Also - get thee to Chinatown. And eat dim sum. Yo.

For the yarn shopping, Carolina Homespun is a great place I've heard.

Just so you know, there are few things more perfect than a game at PacBell park. I'm just sayin'.

Oh - and go to GUMP'S! It's an old school department store cooler than you could possibly imagine.

And if I'm not boring you too much, let me know and I'll kick down some more suggestions. :)

Oh - and you can skip Pier 39 during shopping hours, but if you can manage to get there early, the sea lions are awesome. Seriously so cool.

Oh god, I wish I were going with you. :)


mmmmmmmm dim sum.

Also? I love the Flat Jackie. :P


i love flat jackie too.

and san francisco. although i can't recommend anywhere to go. other than to go see the sea lions. elisa's right. they are seriously so cool. they smell but they're very cool.


Umm... do what ever Elisa tells you to do.

I can offer no advice since I've never been past Texas, just relax, enjoy and have a kick ass time! We'll miss you!


SF's a wicked fun town. You should have a good time. Enjoy!

P. S. That's a really pretty dress you have on in the picture.


That's a terrific picture of you guys. Have fun with the fam!


I used to live in SF and I'm an avid knitter. Here are my faves:
ImagiKnit on 18th Street near Dolores Park,
Artfibers - right downtown,
Greenwich Yarn in the Marina.

The best Mexican in SF can be found at El Toreador in West Portal.


Can't help you on the things to do/see, but I highly recommend socks and lace for travel knitting. Small, compact and provide many hours of knitting enjoyment.



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