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Wednesday, June 21, 2006



Oh man, you even got to Monterey and Pebble Beach. Awesome. :)

Now I'm *totally* homesick.


Great pictures - looks like a fun time!
I recently used ArtFibers for a shawl and think I may become addicted to it. Will you give us details about your purchases??


The weather looks beautiful! Wine, Family, Socks, Sun, Sea, Yarn - who could ask for more!


I'm very jealous.


Can I just say that I just love seeing you palling around with your family? It's so cool that you guys are so close and actually enjoy each others company. Makes me want to go pick up my brother at work and play hookey for the day. I never spend any time with him any more and he lives downstairs from me!

And you guys definitley need an asshole hat. I can help you, just say the word.


Looks like the trip was a blast. Welcome home!! Mmmmm.... wine :-)


It looks like a fabulous time.

Beth S.

What a GREAT trip that must have been!

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