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Monday, May 15, 2006



Congrats on your semi-elopement. You won't regret it. The wedding is about you, not about the 200+ guests that are invited, whom sits next to Aunt Ida, or steak or chicken. Enjoy your day and have fun at the receptions.


Good decision - doing the whole huge wedding thing is not fun to begin with most of the time, and would be even less fun if you didn't want to do it! You won't regret it, and will avoid lots of stupid family arguments in the end! (can you tell what I wish I would have done!)


Seriously - your wedding and marriage should be all about doing exactly what is right for you and Eric, so I am thrilled to hear that you've made a decision that you know is best!

Yay for love and semi-elopements. :)


Wonderful! I love that! You definitely need to do what is right for you. Parks are great, do you have one in mind? Our wedding was at Lars Anderson Park in Brookline. Absolutely beautiful and then we played wiffle ball. I'm so happy for you two. Way to go recognizing what's right for you! YEAH!


I'd like to add something beeter to this, but I can't---what Elisa said?



I'm with you 100+%. The fact that you feel *relieved* is an indicator right there that you've made the right decision.
Plus, this way I don't feel bad about missing your big traditional wedding. I'm so selfish that way. *mwah*

Jal J

Eloping is a difficult decision to make, as it seems sometimes a wedding is more about the family and friends than about the couple getting married. But remember this is YOUR wedding, so it should be the ceremony YOU want, not what anyone else thinks.

My husband and I eloped almost a year ago and it was the sweetest day. When we told our family and friends, they understood and threw us a big, informal, fun-filled picnic to celebrate. So many people said they wish they had done what we did instead of going through the stress of a formal wedding.

Best wishes to you!


Hey Jackie,
I was just thinking about how I hadn't seen any posts from you lately! Glad to hear that you and Eric made a decision that was right for you!! Weddings are definitely time-consuming and expensive, so hopefully the semi-elopement will take some stress away from your lives. Congratulations!!


Suh-weeet! You won't regret it and neither will your family. Lack of wedding stress = more fun for everyone.

I'm feeling the same way about trying to get life under control. The phrase "crazy busy" comes out of my mouth waaaay too often. I totally need to reign it in.


woo-hoo!!!! what an awesome decision! i love it! and i wish i'd had the balls to do it (joe was the one who wanted the big shebang -- although as weddings go it was pretty laid back)

i do believe that i feel just a little more relaxed for you.


Oh Jackie, I'm so excited! Good for you! I actually got a little weepy reading that. We would have done the exact same thing (I wanted a bbq in the back yard) if it weren't for my family. It was very important to my 84yo aunt, and for that I'm glad we did the big wedding. But really? Outrageous to spend so much money on one night. If you spent that much money on a car you could only drive for one day, people would call you crazy, and yet when it's a wedding, they think it's perfectly apropos. I don't get that at all.


yay!! congrats - sounds like you definitely made the right decision. more importantly, how are you STANDING BEHIND HOME PLATE AT WRIGLEY FIELD?? Cool.


See? Your camera died because you were being so hateful!
I am GLAD you have THE yarn. The yarn to die for. Only you don't HAVE to die anymore, just reach for it.
Story time.
The next day, after Grafton, I got an email from Amy Sue telling me the owner had made a MISTAKE pricing them and should have only been HALF the price. HOT DOG! She offered to send me more or give me some money. Money does me no good, yarn baby! And I wait for the delivery of said yarn. It is LOST in the mail. Do I believe them? Hmm? ANd I was going to have a contest for that yarn so the REST could have some too!
But now you don't need any.
Congrats on the wedding plans. A huge wedding is a money pit.


Hi. Welcome back. I'm glad you decided to go the route that will make you happy. It isn't about the wedding, it's about the marriage. So, good for you.


Good for you! I'm all about making decisions that are RIGHT FOR YOU these days. Here Here!!

Jefferiah Cunningham

So, seriously though, you're pregnant, right?

Beth S.

Oh, I am SO HAPPY for you! The wedding is about the two of you, and not about anyone else's wish-fulfillment, so go forth and do your own thing. You rock. Really!


How exciting! I am glad you feel so relieved about eloping. It was the best thing we ever did, and that's what I hear from everyone else bold enough to do it.

Think of all the yarn you'll now be able to buy instead!!!


I wish I'd known we were in Chicago at the same time (or perhaps we passed in the airport). It looks like your yarn crawl took you to a different shop. Ah well.

Congrats on your decision. You know my position on the wedding thing--for me there are better ways to invest that time & money in our life together, though I do enjoy a good party. I'm so glad it feels like the right choice.

And dude, that yarn was mispriced at Grafton. Come out to Webs sometime and drop the $ earmarked for the wedding. Yes, all of them. But not on that sock yarn. What's your point?


We semi eloped, well, actually, we totally eloped, then had a really nice party for friends and family a few months later at a much more accessable location than a mountain top on colorado, which is where we actually got married. :) So congrats!

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