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Wednesday, March 29, 2006



Crossing fingers for you, too. Let us know, once inocence or guilt is determined, so that we do not also fall prey to the less than scrupulous! (I ordered sock yarn off E-bay and nearly had kittens while I waited for it to arrive. Makes me appreciate the LYS!)


Yuck! Crossing my fingers for you over here!


Hello! I'm a friend of Dena's. I've been coveting her knitting progress and have looked at all her knitting links. (which included yours!) You've both inspired me to learn how to knit!

Anyway, I'd give the yarn shipment until the end of the week. If not, you might want to put in a call to your credit card company and explain what happened. They'll likely refund your money and then take up the issue with the store/fake store. Good luck!


ooh boy that sounds very squirrely. good luck. the week and a half long shipping though, nothing to panic about yet. parcel post takes 2-9 days. that's business days and i've waited for stuff for over 2 weeks to get here.


yikes! It's a crap shoot out there. Crossing fingers for you so you can get YOUR fingers a-workin' on that sweater!


This is definitey not normal. I wonder if they don't actually have the yarn at all since it's discontinued. I'd wait a few more days and then contact your credit company.


Hmm. I can tell you that I had a similar experience ordering a bra from an internet store. They charged my credit card and it took 6 weeks for the bra to arrive. The store was in Texas and they shipped via regular mail parcel post. The bra didn't fit so I mailed it back requesting an exchange, which 8 weeks later I had not received. So I called them and they had quite simply dropped the ball. They mailed it that day and it came a few weeks later.

If the yarn's not here by the end of the week, perhaps you could email them and ask them *how* they shipped it, so you have an idea when it might arrive.

At first when I read Carole's comment about whether or not they really have the yarn, I thought, "why would they say they did if they didn't?" But then it occurred to me that if it's discontinued, they surely cannot have an inexhaustible supply of it--enough to keep sending it out to you when packages don't arrive. I would definitely call your credit card to make sure they didn't charge you for the second batch, if there really is a second batch.


Hmmm, yeah, this does not sound good, or normal. I hope it all works out for you.


Yikes! Sounds odd to me. Did you verify your mailing address?? Don't companies usually send stuff with a tracking number? Can't they tell you haven't received your goods yet?


You want I should break some heads 'der for ya, missy?


Hi Jackie,
I certainly hope that this works out well. The part that would send me through the roof is "Brenda" saying that someone talked to you. ARGH! Please keep us posted, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed too.


don't wait for 30 days to pass before you contact your credit card company. this happened to me once with an amazon used book seller. i waited over 30 days (it was during a holiday and i was giving them the benefit of the doubt). cc company told me there is nothing they can do after 30 days.

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