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Friday, March 24, 2006



Pretty Jaywalker! I love the Oak Room lounge, too, despite being dumped there by a boyfriend once. A long, long, long time ago. I'm over it now.


I like your Jaywalker -- very pretty colors! I hope you are feeling okay today. Oooooh, Priscilla of Boston dresses are nice! Have a great weekend!

Beth S.

So it started scarily but ended well? :-)

I like dress number one best.


I like the v-neck dress best!


i remember my time at priscilla's once -- with my closest friend for her wedding. they told one of the bridesmaids she had fat arms. (at least they didn't tell me that)

i like the first dress. that neckline is gorgeous and so different.


Bloodwork does not.sound.cool. Hope everything ended up okay. Enjoy the weekend!!
Love the sock!

Bookish Wendy

But the tests?! You okay?


Bloodwork and xrays are very scary, and I hate, hate, hate, sitting in doctor's waiting rooms.

So the fact that you'd rather be there than at the alternative is REALLY telling.

I hope your secret plans are lots of fun, and I hope everything is okay.



What Elisa said.

I hope your weekend is turning out fabulously.

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