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Monday, March 13, 2006



Your posts always make me smile, Jackie. Soup recipe, please?

Bookish Wendy

dude, the soup looks awesome. it looks like you hit the barely to soup ratio dead on!!


The soup looks soooo yummy!! Would you mind sharing the recipe??


You are too cute! I'm with Carole, your posts always make me smile. Love the dining room!


OH! I know the kind of night you mean! (and frankly, I thought it was a picture of the mini blizzard of the other night! :)
But can you imagine? People walk out of their homes, look up into the heavens and think, "Sandy would love this"? How did I get so lucky. I mean really.
Pass the soup!
Love your wonderwoman pezzy.


She certainly looks at home in her new place! (I did look for a much more compact and less dangerous looking corkscrew-getter-thing, but didn't have any luck in the time frame.)

the soup recipe...please? please?

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