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Friday, March 17, 2006



That's a great St. Patrick's Day tradition. I'll be drinking beer and I'll think of you!


well i won't be drinking beer. unlike elisa, the weight loss isn't happening. so i must work harder.

plus, honestly, i'm not irish. not one section of dna. not one nucleotide. nothing.

but i wish you lots of beer, and lots of fun!

(harpoon gives tours. it lasts 5 minutes and then there's tasting. good tasting.)


Fabulous tradition. I'll be thinking of you when I crack open my first beer. Jason's aunt is making a big dinner tonight (none of us are Irish but it's an excuse to eat!!) so we'll head over there for food, spirits, family and laughter.

Big Brother Jeff

Written with the grace, wit and fluidity of a true Irish American lass. As one Irishman once said "It was the English that forced the English language upon us and the Irish who made it sound beautiful". Slainte


Thanks Jackie! I hope you had a great day.

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